Things2Things is an initiative of the Connected Everyday Lab and is sponsored by Design United.

Design United is the 3TU research centre for design. They enhance the innovative strength of the Dutch creative industry by bridging the gap between design research and the design community.
The Connected Everyday Lab is an interdisciplinary research group at Delft University of Technology. The group researches and probes the social opportunities and ethical implications of emerging technological paradigms for human communication and interaction.

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Project partners include:




Prof. Dr. Elisa Giaccardi is Chair of Interactive Media Design at Delft University of Technology, where she leads the Connected Everyday Lab.


Prof. Dr. Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, where he co-directs the Design Informatics Research Centre. He is also a Design United Research Fellow at Delft University of Technology.


Dr. Marco Roozendaal is an assistant professor of interaction design at Delft University of Technology. In his work, he explores new interaction design paradigms engendered by emerging technologies to understand their social opportunities and ethical implications.


Dr. Geke Ludde is an assistant professor at the University of Twente’s Department of Design Interaction Design group. Her current work focuses on how products and services can support healthy behaviour or contribute to people’s wellbeing.


Jelle Stienstra is a design consultant at NEWCRAFT. He enables companies
to accelerate digitally by applying a human-centric and data-driven design approach. He secretly explores the consequences of phenomenology in designing intelligent systems.


Jan Hendrik Croockewit is Chief Technology Officer at Nedap Healthcare and a Design United Visiting Professor at the University of Twente. His main focus is on developing medical and healthcare solutions, and branching these out into the home health sector.


Holly Robbins is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering’s Connected Everyday Lab at Delft University of Technology. She co-authored the IoT Manifesto and is a founding board member of the Just Things Foundation.


David Derksen is a product and furniture designer. He was selected as a finalist for the Young Designer Award during the 2015 Dutch Design Awards.



Prof. Dr. Ron Wakkery is a professor at the Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts and Technology, leader of the Everyday Design Studio, a Design United Visiting Professor, and Chair of the Impact of Interaction Design on Everyday Life at Eindhoven University of Technology’s Department of Industrial Design.

The Morse Things Team includes Aidan Cao, Keith Doyle, Tijs Duel, Henry Lin, Leo Ma, Shannon Mortimer, Doenja Oogjes, Philip Robbins, and William Leung.


Matthijs Netten is a project manager at Delft University of Technology and Design United.
He strives to help realise excellent design research with inspiring, relevant, and actionable outcomes.