Live with speculative artefacts to learn where the connections are, and how to design for them.

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In this workshop, sets of IoT artifacts- known as “mor(s)e things”- will be deployed. “Mor(s)e things” were designed in the spirit of material speculations, i.e. actual artifacts situated in everyday life that speculate on alternative possibilities through being experienced over time. The “mor(s)e things” were sent to invited participants of the workshop which included designers, developers, and researchers of interaction design to be lived with for a period before the workshop. During the workshop, participants met to discuss and report on the experiences, modifications, and collectively produced design responses to the “mor(s)e things”. In the second half of the workshop, participants presented the design responses and reports on living with the “mor(s)e things” to a public audience.

Workshop Organisers


Prof. Dr. Ron Wakkery is a professor at the Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts and Technology, leader of the Everyday Design Studio, a Design United Visiting Professor, and Chair of the Impact of Interaction Design on Everyday Life at Eindhoven University of Technology’s Department of Industrial Design.

The Morse Things Team includes Aidan Cao, Keith Doyle, Tijs Duel, Henry Lin, Leo Ma, Shannon Mortimer, Doenja Oogjes, Philip Robbins, and William Leung.

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