Learn how to design intuitive collaborations between humans and objects expressing intelligence and intentionality.

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This workshop aims to explore how to design ‘objects with intent’ within an Internet of Sensible Things. To explore the consequences of alternative approaches to designing for interactions in IoT, a speculative Sensible Door is pre-framed to be connected to a variety of data sources of sensible and intentful artefacts. In the workshop, participants will explore the role that the door can play in everyday life, the intentions it can develop, the situations it changes, the design sensitivities it requires and so forth. Through developing scenarios and hands on connecting artefacts, participants will explore what is involved in hooking up data to the interactive door platform when developing several behaviour designs aimed to interweave into our everyday lives. In the afternoon session participants engage with (and reflect on) the different (behavior) designs and discuss the consequences of this phenomenology-informed approach in relation to common IoT practices.

Workshop Organisers


Dr. Marco Roozendaal is an assistant professor of interaction design at Delft University of Technology. In his work, he explores new interaction design paradigms engendered by emerging technologies to understand their social opportunities and ethical implications.


Dr. Geke Ludde is an assistant professor at the University of Twente’s Department of Design Interaction Design group. Her current work focuses on how products and services can support healthy behaviour or contribute to people’s wellbeing.


Jelle Stienstra is a design consultant at NEWCRAFT. He enables companies
to accelerate digitally by applying a human-centric and data-driven design approach. He secretly explores the consequences of phenomenology in designing intelligent systems.